H.O.O.D with Anthony Rechichi - Fabcar

H.O.O.D with Anthony Rechichi

H.O.O.D with Anthony Rechichi

H.O.O.D with Anthony Rechichi

High Octane Obsession Disorder

Name: Anthony Rechichi

Company/Profession: I am the principal and design director of Anthony Rechichi – Architects, which has been established for 25 years and is an award winning architectural  practise specialising in eco friendly residential and commercial buildings. We are sought after because of our clever use of space in our designs for houses and commercial buildings that are bathed in light, feel open and airy and are cost effective without compromise on their quality.

Let’s talk about your all time favourite car… 

If you have one, what is it? That’s a difficult question because I have a fondness for many cars and design plays a huge part of that, but if I was to pick one at this point in time (and yes I do keep changing my mind on this) it would be a 1972 Lamborghini Miura.

1972 Lamborghini Miura.
Source: www.classicandperformancecar.com

What about it do you love about this car? Its curves and lines mastered  brilliantly by Bertone (actually Marcello Gandini who was at Bertone at the time). Its design concept as a road car capable of being a racing car or at least having a racing car pedigree. It has the sweetest sounding mid-mounted 3.9L V12 engine.

What is your fondest memory connected with it? The opening scene to the original “Italian  Job”1969 featuring Rossano Brazzi driving the car through French Alps…. and then getting bombed by the Mafia.

Now let’s get on to what you drive now… 

What make, model and year vehicle do you drive these days? Nissan Infiniti Q37 2010.

What about this car do you like the most? Brilliant motor and great interior.

If you could trade it in today, what would you trade it in for? A late model Mercedes Benz or a Tesla.

2008 Nissan Skyline CKV36

And finally to finish this piece off…

Where is your favourite destination to drive to? In WA, it’ll be a drive down to Albany.

Do you have a dream car? A Lamborghini Miura or a 74′ Porsche 911 or a 74′ Citroen DS or a 74′ BMW 2002 Tii or all of them! Oh I forgot the 72′ Lancia Stratos … a 2014 458 Italia Stradale and a Tesla and for supreme luxury it would be the build quality of a 2008+ Rolls Royce Phantom as the classic symbol of the audacious naughties.

What’s your favourite soundtrack/song/playlist to drive to? It really varies according to my mood but I love listening to Jazz (Sidney Bechet clarinet is amazing!), Pink Floyd, Sigur Roz, Paloma Faith, Anthony and the Johnsons, and even some 80’s funk.

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