H.O.O.D with Jerrie Demasi - Fabcar

H.O.O.D with Jerrie Demasi

H.O.O.D with Jerrie Demasi

H.O.O.D with Jerrie Demasi

High Octane Obsession Disorder

Name: Jerrie Demasi

Profession: TV Personality

Let’s talk about your all time favourite car… 

If you have one, what is it?

I’m not a huge car person, but I do feel a certain fondness toward the car my parents used to drive in the early nineties. It was a cream coloured Mercedes Benz coupe with deep red velvet interior trim. Super gaudy – but I felt very luxurious riding in it as a little girl. Now, any old Merc evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for me.

Now let’s get on to what you drive now… 

What make, model and year vehicle do you drive today?
Skyline 370GT (from Fabcar of course!) It’s a 4 door coupe. Super reliable – which is my number one prerequisite when buying a car.

Skyline 370GT (www.themotorreport.com.au)

If you could trade it in today, what would you trade it in for?
I recently took a spin in the new 5 series BMW, and I absolutely loved it!

BMW 5 Series 2017 (www.carmagazine.co.uk)

And finally to finish this piece off…

What would be your favourite destination to visit and drive around?
I’d say driving the Amalfi Coast (Italy), in a vintage Gull-Wing Mercedes Benz alá Sophia Loren. Stopping at a cliff side eatery for some delicious bucatini napolitana and local red wine. Bliss!

Amazing views along the Amalfi Coast, Italy (www.wtg-global.net)

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