H.O.O.D with John Elliott - Fabcar

H.O.O.D with John Elliott

H.O.O.D with John Elliott

H.O.O.D with John Elliott

High Octane Obsession Disorder

Name: John Elliott from Elliott Insurance Brokers

Company/Profession: I run an Insurance Brokerage, Elliott Insurance Brokers. We pride ourselves in being “The Company you keep beyond your policy”. This means we are able to support our clients with a network of internal and external support to ensure they always have the right information or support they need to manage the risks of running their business. However I am also an entrepreneur, investor and help other people start their own businesses. I also raise capital to build sustainable villages for orphans in Kenya.

Let’s talk about your all time favourite car… 

If you have one, what is it?
My all time favourite car is the McLaren F1, for nearly a decade nothing came close, it still looks sexy.

What about it do you love about this car?
I like that it is a whole lot of fun and impossible to handle, like me.

What is your fondest memory connected with it?
I remember reading about it for the first time in a FHM magazine and spending the whole entire plane trip fantasizing about rocking up to various places in it with very little rubber left.

Now let’s get on to what you drive now…What make, model and year vehicle do you drive these days?
What about this car do you like the most?
If you could trade it in today, what would you trade it in for?

I currently own 4 cars and drive 3 of them, an Audi R8BMW 135i M Sports and a jacked-up giant Jeep Wrangler that is seemingly indestructible.

I like to park the Jeep in extremely ridiculous locations and get away with not getting a fine and appearing on the Facebook page “Perth’s Worst Parkers”. Great exposure for the branding on the car haha.

John Elliott (Iron Man) with his Audi R8

I’m looking at buying a Range Rover Sports SVR. The supercharged V8 is fun, whilst the comfort of these things is great.
Was considering the BMW i8, although it looks like something from Tron, it just doesn’t sound like a supercar should.

Range Rover Sports SVR

Where is your favourite destination to drive to?
I like to drive up the coast of WA and in the Chittering Valley.  Despite having a major car accident in 2002 in Chittering where I could have easily died, it’s quite a peaceful drive with great winding roads.

Do you have a dream car?
Bugatti Veyron, just because.

What’s your favourite soundtrack/song/playlist to drive to?
Definitely Darude – Sandstorm

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