H.O.O.D with Terence Borgioli

H.O.O.D with Terence Borgioli

H.O.O.D with Terence Borgioli

High Octane Obsession Disorder

Name: Terence Borgioli of Borgioli menswear label

Company/Profession: I design luxury bespoke menswear, under my own label BORGIOLI. There are many benefits, besides doing what I love. I work with some of the most exclusive fabrics in the world, designing for an array of some of the most colourful personalities and entrepreneurs in Perth.

Let’s talk about your all time favourite car… 

If you have one, what is it?
Ferrari F355

What about it do you love about this car?
Absolutely everything except the gearbox. It’s one of the most beautiful modern Ferraris produced (in my opinion). The engine note is delightful and they’re just an incredibly sexy automobile.

What is your fondest memory connected with it?
Goldeneye. Seeing this car feature in the James Bond film Goldeneye cemented it’s place amongst my all-time favourite cars.

Now let’s get on to what you drive now… 

What make, model and year vehicle do you drive today?
I drive a Mercedes ML350 CDI

What about this car do you like the most?
I’ve always liked them, even though friends call it a soccer mum’s car. It serves every purpose for me, from camping and light off roading, long road trips, high mileage for work and being able to carry anything from garment boxes through to fishing tackle boxes, rifle cases and anything else I might to throw in the back. Being diesel too, it’s probably the most useful car I’ve owned to date.

Mercedes Benz ml 350 CDI

If you could trade it in today, what would you trade it in for?

More than likely a Mercedes G63 AMG. I’ve fallen in love with Mercedes 4x4s and this is just the ultimate in impracticality, appealing design and ridiculous power. Any guy who is interested in cars secretly or not so secretly wants to own one.

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

And finally to finish this piece off…

Where is your favourite destination to drive to?
I love driving through narrow, windy rural roads back home in England, however many of the roads in the south-west of WA are breathtaking to drive along. Caves Road is one of my favourites to put a car through its paces (within the speed limit of course).
I also love many of the remote areas I travel to hunting with nothing but red dirt roads for hundreds of kilometres.
For me, the beauty of and passion for driving revolve around having a variety of scenery, surfaces and conditions.

Do you have a dream car?
Certainly do! The Mercedes SLS. I’m not a die-hard Mercedes fan, it’s purely coincidental. For a car with such a sleek and low profile, they still have such a commanding road presence… plus the engine is magnificent.

Mercedes SLS

What’s your favourite soundtrack/song/playlist to drive to?
I’ve had many favourites in the past, however nothing beats Pendulum’s remix of the ABC news theme to get your pulse racing.

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