Porsche 997 Carrera (05-08) Sports Cat Bypass X-Pipe - Fabcar

Porsche 997 Carrera (05-08) Sports Cat Bypass X-Pipe

Porsche 997 Carrera (05-08) Sports Cat Bypass X-Pipe

$2,395.00 inc. GST

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Fabcar’s Fabspeed Porsche 997 Carrera (05-08) Cat Bypass X-Pipe

Product Details:

Dramatically improve mid/high end power by replacing the catalytic converters with a free-flowing x-pipe whilst adding an aggressive sports car sound and increased throttle response

NOTE: The Catbypass X-Pipe provides dramatic power increases in the mid to high end of the RPM range.  Street drivers may notice a small torque loss at low RPM’s, which is why we recommend the Sportcat X-Pipe for street applications.  Please also bear in mind that this system does not include catalytic converters, so the Check Engine will most likely be triggered.  This is not an indication of any actual issue with the engine, and does not prevent normal vehicle operation.  Optional O2 Spacers are also available to help prevent the CEL engine light from being triggered.



  • Fits all 997 Carrera vehicles from 2005-2008
  • Adds 12 horsepower and 12 ft-lbs of torque for improved throttle response
  • Recomended for track and off-road use
  • Designed for maximum power and throttle response
  • Adds an aggressive exhaust tone
  • Saves 10lbs from the rear of the vehicle
  • Used by many Rolex Grand Am race teams as well as PCA/POC and HPDE drivers
  • Simple DIY bolt-on installation and removal for vehicles that are used both on and off the track
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Optional 02 Spacers available to minimize C.E.L occurrences – ( $300.00)

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Product Variants

02 Sensors Included, 02 Sensors Not Included

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